Hosted Telephony

Still paying BT for expensive adds and changes? You can eliminate these charges with an inexpensive hosted VoIP solution from iCEWYCHE.

Hosted telephony changes the way you communicate iCEWYCHE VoIP is a fully hosted and managed telephony service. The service provides the functionality of a high-end telephone system but with no physical on site system. Our IP Platform is dual hosted in secure and resilient cloud based data centres. To connect to our data centre we use managed connectivity. The only equipment required on your site is a managed router, PoE switch, a choice of handsets (or tablet, mobile, laptop applications) and if required; network cabling. Giving your business total piece of mind. Complete systems available from less than £0.75 per user per day. Installation includes the cost of a dedicated “voice” broadband line if required.

What are the benefits of using iCEWYCHE Hosted VoIP?

  • Number Portability – You can keep your current telephone numbers even when moving to a different telephone exchange and add further UK numbers if needed.
  • Resilience – Calls can easily be re-routed to cover emergency and disaster scenarios.
  • Scalability – Easy to deploy more handsets and seats as the business grows. New handsets come pre-configured for your business so just plug and play!
  • Unrivalled Features – High Definition voice quality, call recording and call logging.
  • Administration & Monitoring – Web-based telephone and system management tools. All controlled using our free Web Portal.
  • Mobility – Flexible mobile working allowing remote employees to have a single number and appear as if they were sitting at their desk.
  • Minimal on site resource needed – We provide full maintenance support and the network is monitored 24/7 at our Network Operations Centre.
  • Call & Line Costs – You can receive ‘Free on net’ calls between users and sites regardless of location. On-going line rental costs can be dramatically reduced.
  • Cost & Budgeting – No up-front costs and per user (seat) pricing over an agreed term provides a simple price structure and can demonstrate a clear return on investment.
  • Mobile workforce – Remove the need for fixed handsets and mobilise your workforce with apps available for smartphones, tablets and laptops.

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