There are times when your computer or mobile phone doesn’t run as smoothly as expected, or you may have accidentally damaged it.

Our team of Microsoft & Cisco qualified technicians (Wizards), can restore your computer back to its full potential again.

There are cases when a repair may get your machine back running again but is probably not cost effective, i.e. if your machine is water damaged  it may have inherited other unforeseen corrosion issues.

Our team can then advise you and help you choose a new computer to suit your needs and if the original problem was not hard disk related can transfer all your pictures, documents and music files to your new machine.

We can also help clean up your machine if it is running slow which can be caused by a number of issues.

There are occasions when your antivirus fails, usually because updates have failed or your antivirus registration has lapsed.

You try and update your antivirus but unfortunately the virus has stopped you accessing certain websites or none at all.

Bring your computer into us and we have a fixed fee for removing your virus no matter how long it takes us to get you system back to normal.


All our hardware repairs come with a fixed warranty (Length of warranty dependent on repair).


Internet & Home Networks

Are you having problems with your home broadband or wireless device?

Want two or more computers to share a printer and internet? iCE WIZARDS will get you up and running!

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Computers & Laptops

Do you have a problem with your PC or laptop? We can fix IT

Have you lost important data or holiday photos? Call iCE WIZARDS today and we'll get you up and running!

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Email & Mobile Internet

Do you want your email on the move?
Need to access facebook & twitter

We can set up the internet on your mobile. Call iCE WIZARDS today and we’ll get you up and running!

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